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Unforgettable Tours

Among our diverse array of carefully crafted tour options, there is bound to be an exhilarating adventure that captivates your wanderlust. Ranging from the intrepid escapades of off-road E-Bike expeditions to serene and enlightening encounters with majestic elephants, our experiences cater to a variety of interests and skill levels, certain to enrich your exploratory journey.

We are pleased to present our enhanced tour options!

With great excitement, we unveil our refreshed tour catalogue, showcasing an array of outdoor adventures tailored for your enjoyment. Guided by years of experience and careful consideration of our clients’ preferences, we have refined our offerings, retiring certain programs while introducing thrilling new ventures.

Our outdoor escapades take place amid the breathtaking panorama that unfurls before the “Chateau Orientale” Resort. Over two decades’ worth of exploration has made us intimately familiar with this enchanting landscape, and we can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that there is no more stunning realm within the Luang Phabang area for such pursuits. Indeed, the mesmerizing vista of the jungle-clad NamNo mountain range is a siren call to adventure, beckoning one to delve into its wonders by e-bike, on foot, by kayak, or even in the company of our majestic elephants.

Within our catalogue, you will find seven half-day, six full-day, and three two-day tour options, each thoughtfully curated and exclusively provided by our organization. As we enter privately demarcated protected areas, other operators are denied access, ensuring a pristine and undisturbed experience.

It is important to note that during the high season, our tour guides’ availability may be limited. With our extensive selection of activities, some tours may not proceed, as their guides might be preoccupied with other bookings. Thus, we encourage you to book early, securing your place among the awe-inspiring landscapes we are eager to share.

We hope you’ll find delight in perusing our amped-up activities, and we eagerly anticipate welcoming you to embark on these unforgettable journeys.


Focusing on Individual Experience”

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At “Chateau Orientale”, our promise is to provide our guests a very personal experience with our elephants, experienced individually or in small groups, enjoying an intimate interlude with these magnificent animals.

Our very own “elephant team” was recently freed from an existence of harsh drudgery in the logging industry.

Through gentle and playful methods, we guarantee you the start of a lifelong love for the Asian Elephant!

  • Chateau Orientale” is here to continue a responsible tourism operation that offers the highest level of elephant care, food requirements, hygiene, and environmental enrichment.
  • Chateau Orientale” ensures local community benefits through all parts of their business, including sustainable production of elephant food.
  • Chateau Orientale” deals fairly with land-owners of properties where the elephants might browse at night time or others whose land might be crossed by the elephant trails.

E-Bike Laos

Focusing on Individual Adventure”

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The very first electric mountain biking tours in Luang Prabang offer an adventure like no other!

Our fleet of 13 custom-made e-bikes is expertly maintained and includes all relevant safety equipment, including helmets.

Our amazing tour guides will whisk you through the Laotian jungle and through villages and rice plantations.

SUP & kayak Tours

Focusing on Individual Tranquility”

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Our adventure sports aren’t limited to the land!

We also operate the only stand-up paddle boards in Luang Prabang, along with our indestructible kayaks.

All safety equipment is included, such as life jackets, and our tour guide will go through thorough training before you venture out onto the river.

The Nam Khan River is a very gentle river, and you can float downstream, taking in the views of local fishermen catching their bounty and children playing and enjoying life.

Key points to keep in mind

All of our tours are designated as “join tours,” meaning that they are intended for group participation. If you find yourself as the sole participant on a particular booking day, please note that a surcharge of $20 per day and reservation will apply.

For the river excursion, we recommend bringing the following items:

  • A swimsuit
  • A dry bag to protect your belongings
  • Sturdy footwear, such as boots or sports shoes that can get wet
  • A hat and sunscreen for protection against the sun’s rays

Please be aware that during the rainy season, our bike, trek, and elephant trails may require alternate routes due to weather or river conditions in order to prioritize your safety.

Cancellation policy