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Elephant Care

"Focusing on Individual Experience"

At "Chateau Orientale", our promise is to provide our guests a very personal experience with our elephants; experienced individually or in small groups, enjoying an intimate interlude with these magnificent animals.

Our very own “elephant team” was recently freed from an existence of harsh drudgery in the logging industry.

Through gentle and playful methods we guarantee you the start of a lifelong love for the Asian Elephant!

"Chateau Orientale" is here to continue a responsible tourism operation that offers the highest level of elephant care, food requirements, hygiene and environmental enrichment.

"Chateau Orientale" ensures local community benefit through all parts of their business including sustainable production of elephant food.

"Chateau Orientale" deals fairly with land-owners of properties where the elephants might browse at night time or others whose land might be crossed by the elephant trails.

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Ethics & Mission Statement

"Focusing on keeping traditions alive"

'Chateau Orientale' believes in that special bond between a mahout and his elephant which often spans over a lifetime. This tradition has been handed down from generation to generation for centuries. 

Once an elephant has been domesticated its life depends entirely on the care given to it by humans. There would no way for it to survive on its own in the jungle.

‘Chateau Orientale’ gives former working elephants a loving home and endeavors to keep the tradition of bonding with domesticated animals alive.

At ‘Chateau Orientale’ there is no work demanded from the elephants - all they do is enjoying to be elephants. 

After 20 years working with elephants in the tourism industry in Luang Phabang, the team of “Chateau Orientale” can call itself not only the first, but also the most experienced company in this field in Luang Phabang.

  • We do not not approach mass tourism.
  • Complete ban on bullhooks.
  • We do not use howdahs (elephant seat).
  • We provide large space to our elephants for roaming and living comfortably.

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E Bike Adventures

Ever dreamed about riding easily with a mountain bike through tropical rugged landscapes without sweating?

"Chateau Orientale Tour" is the first company in Laos which offers E-Bike off road excursions.

Ride along dirt roads that lead to thatched roofed villages, or our own created single trails through jungle and across streams & rice fields but still be able to enjoy unexhausted the surroundings!

An excursion with an E-Bike makes it possible!

E-Mountainbiking that’s pure fun,real Mountain bike action - and the whole experience with an incomparable dynamic!

With 750/1000W motor power the bikes open up entirely new
possibilities when it comes to trail fun and exploring previously unreachable trails!

SUP (Stand Up PADDLE BOARD) /Kayak Adventures

"Chateau Orientale" is also the first company in Laos which offers SUP (Stand up paddling) activities.

We are proud to introduce another sporting activity to our customers who are interested in Outdoor Adventure and looking for something different.

We use the boards only on an approximately 60 min stretch on the Nam Khan river where the views and the ambiance are the most stunning!

Enjoy a combination of our E-Bike and Elephant activity to make your day an unforgettable one!

You can choose between a Kayak or Stand-up board!

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Coffee plantation trekking

“Chateau Orientale” provides coffee from its own plantations visible from our resort, on the top of the Namno Mountain range.

As a social business, Chateau Orientale part of a “Fair Trade” cooperative. Without any “dealers” between, local people get a fair price for their coffee.

This also encourages the hill tribe communities to plant coffee on their own micro plots in an organically shade grown location.

The highland coffee beans, that grow over 1000m altitude, will be hand-picked & hand-sorted, allowing the coffee farming families a sustainable way to earn their living.

Our “highland trekking” tour will start in one of these coffee farming villages at 800 m altitude & lead you in a one or two day trekking experience through our fields on the top of these mountain ranges and back down to our resort. 

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